Tool Used for Evaluating Prospective Territories

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Franchise candidates are provided with a list of locations that are currently being considered to help them in the territory selection process. Learn more about the tools made available to Click IT franchise candidates by watching the video below.

Example Map

Click on the map above to be brought to an Example using our Company Store.


We built a Nearby Places map as an example for our town of Chagrin Falls, for comparison.  This link brings you to a page with this map showing what's around our corporate store, which is close to the town's center. We build these maps for franchise candidates for their areas, who then can use them to gauge their potential location's prospective activity for a Click IT store. Using this technology is also an easy and efficient way to prospect for clients.* Simply click on the categories in the map's shaded lefthand column to reveal all that's around the store inside the shaded map area.

Click the map to try it out.

*As a side note, we provide this and lots of other sales and marketing tools to our Franchise Owners - see