What You Should Know Before Buying Any Franchise

As an emerging franchise, at Click IT, we are very conscientious that the success of our franchise owners will determine our own success. Therefore, we are very focused on the success of our franchisees and every waking hour, are working to assure this, as no other franchise can.

In this video, you'll receive some really sound advice from experts at a recent franchise industry exposition, which is some of what you should know before purchasing any franchise.

Here's a Summary of What They Have to Say & What Click IT Has to Offer:

Be Prepared - Figure Out Your Available Capital First: It may be the amount of available capital (or obtainable capital through getting an SBA loan, for instance), that may determine what you can afford to do, and what you should not be looking at. You want to know this upfront and what all the costs are so you don't spend time on researching a franchise you can't afford.

A Click IT franchise requires less liquid capital than most franchises, which typically are more expensive, demand more capital and net worth.

Click IT anticipates having a booth at this Exposition in NEW YORK CITY in June, 2019.

This may be the only cash you'll need, depending on your credit score and ability to get a loan. At Click IT, we are prepared to assist you in finding financing with our in-house counsel.

We have a partnership with a funding source: Click here for more information and to see the funding programs offered.

When you sign our franchise agreement, you have 180 days to open your Click IT Store. This gives you plenty of time to find a location, sign the lease, build out the fixtures, prepare your marketing and open for business. We help you along the entire way, including providing up-to-date build-out items which can be found at our company shop. (See https://shop.clickitgroup.com.)

Wall Sticker of Services

As a Click IT Franchise Owner, you'll learn how to sell and service every aspect of an I.T. Department's responsibilities, such as Website Design & Hosting, Network Security, E-Marketing, EMail, Computer Sales & Service, IP Phones, Energy (yes this is a technology-play), Computer and Tablet Repairs and Maintenance and more. No other franchise in our category can give you this amount of capabilities and opportunities.

Do a Thorough Investigation of The Franchise You're Interested in: When shopping for a franchise, find out how long the company has been in existence, what level of experience they have, and talk to people affiliated with the company, including their customers. Get to know the people involved. Understand the opportunity. Read any reviews you can find and study the reputation of the company. Ask any questions you have and be sure your answers are satisfactory.

Feel comfortable with the people running the franchise. Are they the people you want to partner with and can trust? Are they focused on your success? Be clear about finding exactly the level of support you'll get and make sure you're comfortable with it.

Click IT was begun in July 2012 and has a stellar reputation throughout the community. Our BBB rating is A+, the highest obtainable. We have thousands of satisfied customers. (See Our Testimonials, which contains independent reviews.) Right upfront, we provide 40 hours of training, both in the classroom, in a training facility, and at our company store. You will have hands-on experience long before you open your store.

Don't Worry So Much About How Many Franchise Units the Franchise Has: The experts advise to focus on what the franchise growth plan is, what their management team is like, what their infrastructure is, and most importantly, what their system is. Do they have a 'system'? (A 'system' is a methodology of how to operate their business.) When you buy a franchise, you're buying a system.


"Technology is Never Going Away & There Will Always Be a Need for a Local, Trustworthy Click IT Store."

Click IT has a complete and proven system we started developing at our company store in 2012 so that now we can turn it over confidently to our franchise owners, and teach them how to duplicate our success. "The system runs the business and you run the system when you buy a franchise."

Also, why buy a franchise that does just one thing? A Click IT Franchise will provide the know-how and tools necessary to complete every task an I.T. department needs to have the skillset nowadays to do. And, if you have a preference for one type of service over another, you can pick and choose what the areas of your main focus will be. No other franchise in our category enables you to do this.

Our royalty is just 6% (which is at the low end of the spectrum), there are no additional fees that can bring this amount much higher, and you as the franchise owner get a lot of value for this.


This is an excerpt of Stacy Swift of FranNet talking about purchasing a franchise as an investment. In this excerpt, Stacy mentions how the government allows people to use their retirement money to invest in a franchise without penalty.
To see this video interview in its entirety, click here.

Be Open Minded and See What Business Concept Resonates with YOU: "We're all looking for a business to ensure the lifestyle that we'd like to accomplish and the cool thing is, you never know what business concept could be available for you to have the lifestyle of your dreams." At Click IT, we believe we have the best offering to franchise owners out of all the competition in our category. Make an educated evaluation and compare. Check out the competition. Click IT offers a franchise owner more in the number of capabilities and opportunities.

At Click IT, we envision a kind of future for every one of our franchise owners where they're living the lifestyle of their dreams and we look forward to working with every one of them to help them achieve this. Since we are a new franchise in 2019, with tons of experience in running our own Click IT store since 2012, you'll be getting in on the ground floor, and for a limited time, we are offering some great incentives, so contact us today so we can tell you more.

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During the process of your evaluation, we will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To learn what's in an FDD, and what you should watch for when considering purchasing any franchise, see https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/286679.

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