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By investing in the Click IT store franchise concept, our owners become a part of an emerging franchise group focused on becoming the preferred and most trusted local IT department” for hundreds of communities surrounding Main Streets throughout North America.

Features, Advantages & Benefits of the Click IT Franchise Operation

    1. A Proven Business Model - Click IT is a proven business model that will produce a solid recurring cash flow and an unsurpassed return on investment. We produce the highest margins of any other franchise in a related field. Our company store has operated since 2012, with a growing recurring revenue stream from a continuously growing list of subscribers. Customers can now pick from 12 categories containing over 100 pre-packaged IT products, services, and solutions at Click IT, making Click IT unique as an MSP.Best in class since 2012
    2. One Doesn't Have to be a Geek - As a "Full-Format Franchise", we provide a total package of business systems, marketing, and ongoing support. While we do expect some basic computer skills, one doesn't have to be a geek to own a Click IT store. Our systems entail using "pick it and click it" web portals that make it easy for our franchisees to service customers using our proprietary platforms. See our Platform for all of Click IT's Products, Solutions, and Services. Click IT has over 20 websites focused on nitches, as described by our division websites. We market and sell them to communities of residents and businesses by using our online company store, which also serves as our point-of-sales cash register (POS) in our retail store. (Once sold to their local client, these services, solutions, and products can all be purchased by the franchise owner directly from corporate, btw, at sizable discounts.)
    3. Guidance with Funding the New Business - See what avenues for funding candidates have available to them to finance the opening of their new business here: https://clickitfranchise.com/funding-options. To make the process easier and quicker, Click IT has been pre-qualified by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a "lendable" franchise.
    4. Extensive Help with Territory Selection - Deciding on an ideal location we believe is critical, so when a candidate has narrowed down an area to consider opening a business in, for our franchise candidates we initially conduct a basic demographic study for the area under consideration. In this initial study, we see how populated the area is, indicating how busy a Click IT store in this area would be. Once the candidate is awarded a territory, we assign the task of finding recommended locations to consider to our highly experienced real estate department. (The process begins by registering at our members portal before any of our territory selection and evaluation work begins.)
    5. Full Training and Support for the Franchise Owner - Franchise owners are initially given many hours of classroom and on-the-job training where they learn a methodology plotting a course to high and sustainable profits. Our support is ongoing and committed, but there is more to tell. See https://clickitfranchise.com/what-a-click-it-franchise-owner-gets.
    6. Extensive Assistance and Tools for Franchisees to use for Easily Find Customers: Prospecting for new business is one of, if not THE most important tasks a small-

      Click IT is SBA Verified

      Click IT is SBA Verified

    7. A Clear and Concise Process - We have a clear and precise process for our franchise candidates to be brought through, so at all times they have a complete understanding of what they need to do in order to be invited to become a Click IT franchise owner. See https://members.clickitfranchise.com/steps-to-becoming-a-click-it-franchise-owner/. One major mistake made by new franchisors will be avoided by using this proprietary vetting process to select the best-in-class franchise owners.
    8. A Competitive Advantage – The Click IT franchise system was given a grade of “A” by Franchise Grade and is ranked by Top IT Franchises as the number one IT franchise available today. See franchise-grade.
    9. Marketing and Sales – Franchise owners work directly with our marketing department to customize and plan the launching of marketing and sales campaigns. Business owners also get an array of software tools to use to help find and attract customers easily. One of the most effective tools we developed internally, for easily prospecting potential clients, is called WP Sales Prospector: See https://clickitprospector.com and watch the video for a full demonstration of how it works.
    10. An Experienced Founder – Our founder, AL Harlow, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of building businesses with recurring revenue models from the ground up. The creator of now hundreds of innovative products, solutions, and services for both the consumer and industrial markets, his winning formula includes providing them through unique delivery systems, as is the case with delivering Click IT’s products, services, and solutions. AL’s work is supported by a competent and credible team, including Attorney Robert Rosenfeld, who has over 40 years of legal experience. Bob advises and watches over the legal and compliance matters a franchisor is tasked with on a constant and continuous basis, as it grows.

All-Inclusive IT Services

Click IT franchise owners are well-equipped with systems and processes, and well-trained. They are able to service their customers’ needs efficiently; making transitioning into new computers, for instance, easier using our backend systems; and, thereby improving the overall experience when purchasing new or using technology in general. Big-box computer stores do not sell IT services. They will not transfer data from an old computer to a new one, for instance, as efficiently and at the speed that a Click IT store can. Additionally, Click IT is the only retail business that will sell you an email subscription that is secure and then managed by a local staff.

Concierge Services

Click IT stores sells IT solutions similar to concierge services. We deliver services and support to our customers at a higher level of care. Plus, being in a smaller setting (referring to our store size and layout) conveys a feeling of trust and intimacy. At a Click IT store, you get to meet and converse with the owner, who will many times be the one doing the work for you. Click IT’s tested and proven systems, coupled with our years of experience and expertise (since 2012), aligned with our selection of our “best-in-class” supportive suppliers, as well as our ongoing expansion and team’s commitment, have propelled the Click IT franchise network far ahead of any competition.