Franchise Locations

Our headquarters is in the Village of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, where our model Click IT Store (H) is located on S. Main Street. (Click on a category on our Contact Us Nearby Places Map to view what's around our headquarters.)

The Cleveland/Akron (Northeast Ohio) area is our current primary focus for opening stores because owners of these stores will benefit from an exciting upcoming co-operative advertising campaign expected to increase the value of our brand and drive new business.

Targeted Franchise Locations

The circles on the map below represent 6-miles radiuses around each location, which are exclusive market areas for each projected store location.

NEO Click IT Franchise Locations

Projected Franchise territories: A Protected Territory shall encompass at least one (1) ZIP CODE™ geographic area. Your Protected Territory will have a population of at least 50,000 residents and a minimum of 2,000 businesses within a 5-mile radius distance from your location, as provided by the most recent census ( Both the minimum number of residents and businesses must be met when establishing an exclusive territory.

To establish an exclusive territory, we will use census tracks to segregate the selected area. census tracks never change as do zip codes. Also, zip codes don’t necessarily follow traffic patterns. So we will select census tracks according to traffic patterns surrounding a store location until the population reaches the minimum number of 50,000 residents and 2,000 businesses (as according to the latest census data taken of that area). Until both these criterion is met, the territory will be expanded. As mentioned, road systems and traffic patterns will be very important when considering which census tracks to select. Motherboard reserves the right to select these census tracks but of course will take into consideration the franchise owner’s suggestions and preferences.

We will help the new franchise owner select the best location where we believe they will have the best chance of success. Start by using the Census Business Builder (CBB) tool. See other tools below and listen to the 5-mile radius rule podcast by business coach Tammy Adams.

NOTE: If the number of businesses and residents is less than the minimum inside of 5 miles, we will go further out until the minimums are reached. Again, we use census tracks which never change in their geographical size, but populations, of course, will vary over time. We will use only the most current data available when designating an exclusive territory.

What we look for in awarding a territory is an area that has 2,000 businesses and 50 to 100,000 residence inside a 5-mile radius. This is our ideal location. The type of businesses really doesn’t matter, but most of them should be under 100 employees, so the emphasis is on small business. The residences help build a store's reputation, recognition and will be a source for referrals to an area's Click IT Store. Fixing residents' computers locally and taking care of their maintenance, as well as providing the many other IT products, services, and solutions to them, including doing house-calls, will help spread the word rapidly.

Example: See

Headquarters / Corporate Store
Town Zip Code Population
Chagrin Falls 44022 4,113
Pepper Pike 44124 5,979
Orange 44022 3,323
Moreland Hills 44022 3,320
South Russell 44022 3,810
Russell 44072 & 73 5.212
Bainbridge CDP 44023 3,267
Bentleyville 44022 864
Solon 44139 23,348
Corporate Store Service Area Total: 56,488



Cleveland / Akron Area

  1. Western Cleveland Suburb (multiple locations)
  2. Northeast Cleveland Suburb
  3. Southeast Cleveland Suburb
  4. Southern Cleveland Suburb
  5. Northern Akron Suburb
  6. Southern Akron Suburb
  7. Warren / Youngstown Suburb


  1. Northern Columbus Suburb / University Area


  1. To Be Announced


  1. To Be Announced

Other Locations

Outside the Cleveland/Akron metropolitan area, we are also focused on locating franchise stores in the following states:

  1. Ohio
  2. Kentucky - Registration in progress
  3. Michigan - Registered
  4. Indiana - Registration in progress
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. West Virginia

The States shaded in light blue on the map below are states where Click IT Franchises are currently available. If you want to purchase a franchise in a State shaded in orange or dark blue, then we will consider registering in that State. Master Franchise Agreements are also available at a discount. For more information see

Click IT Franchise Location Strategy
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